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Sarah Madras

Niche: Transforming overwhelmed 6-figure hustlers into 7-figure leaders

Sarah Madras: Mindset Expert & Certified Dare To Lead Facilitator

When Sarah came to us she was spending the majority of her time prospecting leads herself and no predictable process to get consistent booked appointments with qualified clients. Sarah knew that if she kept doing everything herself that she would never be able to scale to the numbers that she wanted.

The Process

When Sarah started she said all i want is “appointments to show up on my calendar without me slaving away hours to set them.” She knew that she could close 40% of the qualified deals on her calendar.

While working with our team Sarah was able to take generate 100s of leads for her trust masterclass/ The best part is that Sarah spends 0 minutes setting up new appointments and spends her time closing deals with qualified prospects.

The Result

Sarah got at it right away and immediately started seeing more booked appointments on her calendar. Which allowed her to focus on sales and closing more deals.

Larnell Vickers

Niche: Helping people make their next career move to increase their income, impact & influence

Larnell Vickers: Possibility Career Coach

When Larnell came to us he was doing around $6k per month with clients in multiple different industries. He was putting in 12+ hour days and was ready to reach burnout. Larnell knew that he needed to build structure and become the CEO of his business.

The Process

When we first started working with Larnell he had everything together but in a million different places and just needed help simplifying and putting it all together. That’s exactly what we did.

After our call with Larnell we simplified his business structure to create one unique offer inside Career Development space. We then helped install our unique prospecting strategies. Larnell immediately took action and proved that he was a dominant player as a Career coach.

We worked with Larnell and his team to automate their client acquisition and to simplify his business by installing the right structure so he could scale with predictable numbers.

The Result

By installing the right structure inside Larnell's business he was able to quickly scale his business within 12 months.

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Melanie Parelta

Niche: Transformation Coach and Sound Healing Artist

Melanie Parelta: Transformation Coach and Sound Healing Artist. Creator of the Moving Mantra Project.

When Melanie came to us she had a couple clients with no consistent lead flow and more importantly wasn’t sure where her next clients were coming from each month. Melanie knew she needed to get the right systems in place to take her business to the next level.

The Process

Melanie had no systems in her business when we first started working together. Like many business owners. They just play the hustle hard game. As soon as we started working together we took a deep dive into her day to day and helped Melanie develop a system to help her land more clients.

The Result:

Melanie went from struggling to keep 2-4 clients a month and in business debt to running a business that runs on autopilot while she continues to build her Wombenhood community.

She no longer has to second guess where her next client will come from because she knows how to attract and turn her prospects into paying customers and raving fans.

Hoodie Millionaire

Niche: Helping people turn their dreams into multi-million dollar businesses

Hoodie Millionaire: Former NFL Athlete, Best Selling Author & Venture Capitalist

When Hoodie Millionaire first started working with us he had a vision but no idea how to make it complete. He knew he wanted to make a name for himself in the online business coaching community while making an income pursuing his passions.

The Process

Hoodie Millionaire's strategy of gaining new clients each month was relying on luck with no proven system to generate prospects and obtain new clients each month. When we sat down with him to develop a custom game plan for his business we focused on client acquisition and making sure that they had a fat pipeline.

Now Hoodie Millionaire is making a name for himself in the online business coach community and having clients come to him just because of his online presence.

The Result

Hoodie Millionaire went from a dream with very few clients to a cash producing business that pursues his passion to help others build their dream multi-million dollar business.

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