$10k Month Map™

Map out a plan to make $10k and more a month in your coaching business as a mystic healer

The $10k Month Map™ Will Teach 3 Things:

  1. Attract More Clients. Learn how to manifest more clients so that you can focus on sharing your gifts and healing others.

  1. 4 Steps To 10k. Discover the 4 simple steps to get you from 0 to $10k a month in reoccurring income.

  1. Easy To Follow Blueprint. Follow a step-by-step map healers can follow to grow their business without feeling salesy or overwhelming others.

In this PDF & training, I’ll go through every tep you will need to follow to grow from 0 to making $10k a month and more as a mystic healer and coach. The truth is you do not need to be broke! You can have a great income while still sharing your gifts with the world.

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